Жесткий диск seagate 80gb

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Состояние товара: Состояние товара: В открытой коробке
Торговая марка: Seagate Фабричный номер детали: ST380011A
Модель: Barracuda 7200.7 Форм-фактор: 3,5"
Кэш-память: 2MB Non-Domestic Product: No
Емкость: 80GB Modified Item: No
Характеристики: Shock Resistant Custom Bundle: No
Скорость вращения: 7200RPM SATA Form Factor: 3.5"


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Product Information
The Seagate Barracuda 72200.7 is an internal hard drive used with PC desktop computers. Installed easily on any type of motherboard, this internal 80 GB drive is incredibly lightweight at just 1.32 pounds. It can be easily connected to many different interfaces including ATA/ATAPI-6, DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra), and IDE. A 7,200 RPM spindle speed and an impressive external data transfer rate of 100 Mbps makes this one of the fastest drives in its class with read and write times that could make some standard issue drives blush. These speeds are terrific for gamers or those who use many applications at once with data corruption issues and data integrity threats automatically scanned, prevented, and repaired. Whether you’re gaming, working, or just in need of the extra storage, this hard drive is tested to exacting tolerances to keep your data absolutely secure and free from corruption and loss.
Product Identifiers
Brand Seagate
MPN ST380011A
UPC 0102645793078, 0102646016558, 0705332586511, 0102646292006, 0102646255308
Model Barracuda 7200.7
eBay Product ID (ePID) 69773380
Product Key Features
Cache 2MB
Storage Capacity 80GB
Features Shock Resistant
Rotation Speed 7200RPM
Weight 1.32lbs.
Width 4.02in.
Height 1.02in.
Depth 5.79in.
Additional Product Features
Drive Interface Ata/Atapi-6, Dma/Ata-100 (Ultra)
Platform PC Products
Seek Time 8.5ms
Form Factor 3.5in.
Internal Data Transfer Rate 85.38 Mbit/S
Sound Emission 25dB
Enclosure Internal
Designation Desktop Computer
Type HDD
External Data Transfer Rate 100Mbps

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Have you tried an ATA Ultra drive?

My brother-in-law works in computer technology, so he introduced me to the idea of converting an old business machine into a personal computer for home use. Businesses often use more powerful systems with better long term durability and available upgrades. But they also replace them, and the computers and components are sold on the used computer market. eBay is my own source for buying used computer components. I bought this hard drive to replace a 40 GB IDE drive I had been using for two years. That old IDE drive never had more than 15 GB of data on it, and I used Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter to keep the files organized. But it was slow. Startup was slow, opening a browser was slow, navigating the internet was slow. An ATA-100 (Ultra) drive uses an 80-conductor ATA cable. Stray signals that "cross-talk" between adjacent wires on a 40-conductor cable are "absorbed" by ground wires, improving signal integrity. Think of the way you have Express Lanes at the grocery store. Not only do the Express Lanes move faster because of the limit on number of items. Those customers aren’t waiting in the regular checkout lines. So the regular checkout lines also move a little faster. Okay, most supermarkets do not have 40 checkouts and 40 express lanes. The "100" in ATA-100 means data transfers at a rate of 100 MB per second. As it happens, the ethernet card on my computer is capable of the same rate. Too bad the internet service still uses old copper wiring. If you are using an old Compaq (HP) or maybe an IBM or some other computer that was first sold for use in business, check its specs. See what the hard drive capability is, and move your files to storage that hums along. This ATA-100 drive is so fast the led never seems to come on. The data transfer is finished before the signal light is illuminated. When I told my brother-in-law what I found on eBay, he said, "What are you talking to me for? Buy it!"

Worked out of the box.

Needed IDE drive to update a 10 year old Acer computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. Found this drive on eBay that was identical to the original drive that came with the machine. Imaged from old drive to new. Everything worked great. It’s getting hard to find IDE drives. Most of newer computers use SATA. Price was right for a quality drive.

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